Jeanette Watts

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A Woman's Persuasion


Inspiration is funny. Sometimes all it takes is one stray comment at a conference, and all other book projects get set aside for the burning new idea. 

"A Woman's Persuasion" is Jane Austen's "Persuasion," but set in 2008 in America, instead of England. They go to Newport, Rhode Island instead of Regis-Lyme. Captain Wentworth is in the Air Force, not the Navy. And Captain Wentworth is female. Which makes all the family objections that don't translate from the 1817 original relevant again. 

Jeanette will be reading selections from Jane's Persuasion and the corresponding parts from her modern translation on Facebook Live in June 2021 for Gay Pride Month. "A Woman's Persuasion" has its own Facebook page.

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