Historic Dance

Dance Mistress / Historic Dance Caller

Jeanette with the 73rd Ohio Volunteer Regimental Band

Dances of the mid-1800s are my favorite!  As if you couldn’t tell that from reading my book on waltzing.  While it is great fun to glide around the dance floor to waltzes, polkas, schottisches, and mazurkas, the vast majority of the dances done around the time of the Civil War are set dances.  Quadrilles, sicillian circles, and contra formations were the norm.  They are easy, fun, and very sociable.  You don’t dance with one person, you dance with at least 8 people!

I have called for Cornets and Cannons, the re-enactor balls at Sharon Woods, and for General Sherman’s birthday celebration at the Sherman House Museum, as well as for balls thrown by the Flying Cloud Academy of Vintage Dance, the Forget-Me-Not Historic Dancers, and the Terpsichorean Delights Dance Assembly. 

I have also taught classes on waltz, polka, and other topics at Madison’s Folk Ball, Nahant Victorian Dance Weekend in Massachusetts, Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati, Newport Vintage Dance Week in Rhode Island, and workshops in the Chicago area.  

When live music is outside the price range, I maintain a large collection of recorded dance music, covering period as well as steampunk selections.

Teaching for a ballJeanette teaching for a ball


School presentations teach children how to dance