Wealth and Privilege

Money. Love. Marriage.  Pick two….

Money.  Family.  Love.  Hate.  Obsession.  Duty.   Politics.  Religion - or the lack thereof.  Sex -- or, once again, the lack thereof.

Thomas Baldwin finds himself married to a woman he can’t stand, while head-over heels in love with another woman he can’t have.  Talk about bad planning.  He feels like a kite, buffeted by circumstances which blow him not only through personal crises, but also through some of the most significant events in Pittsburgh during the late 1800s, including the railroad riots of 1877, the creation of the Homestead Steel Works, the assassination of President Garfield, and the Johnstown Flood.  Over time, and with the help of his muse, who dances maddeningly just beyond his reach, he takes control of his life, wresting it from the winds attempting to control him.

A carefully-researched historical novel about life among the privileged class of Pittsburgh during the Industrial Revolution.


Jeanette Watts couldn't help but notice that all romances seemed to be set in the American West or the South.  A staunch Yankee girl, she asked what is unromantic about the North or the East?  After living for four years in Pittsburgh, and falling deeply in love with southwestern Pennsylvania, she found it the perfect location for a love story.

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